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Morocco General Trading co., Dubai, UAE is one of the pioneers of the SS316 customised Building Materials suppliers in the UAE and all over the Gulf and Africa, We have our manufacturing plant in China and India. We cater to the construction sectors for the last two decades viz. customised Hinges in Stainless Steel (SS316), Stainless Steel Moulded hinges, Stainless Steel Tower bolts, slotted drain, shower drain, roof drain, Glass Door Handles, specialised covers, fasteners in Stainless Steel (SS316) as per the drawing supplied by the client. Apart from this, we trade in to Electrical and Electronic items from Europe and USA viz. Terminal Blocks - KM Terminal Blocks , Aluminium Sheets,, Aluminium chequered plates ,

​We can send any Building Materials from India to Doha, Qatar directly. Payment can be made at Dubai/India.

Aluminium angles up to 5mm thickness - A robust, six stud terminal board designed for use on motors and suited for many other applications, CTI>600V, DIN 53480/B, 660V, 8KV/MM/BS2782/2014 - KM4S, KM5S, KM6S, KM8S, KM10S & TB3, TB4,TB5,TB6, TB8, TB10, TB12, TB14, TB16, TB20, Strain Clamps - NLD-1/NLD-2/NLD-3/NLD-4 for HT and many more items. Building materials viz. Plastic crack inducer, Dowel Bars in Galvanized and bitumen coated and Epoxy coated with sleeve and cap in Specialised steel viz.BS4449 Gr.460 / A615 Gr.40/60. Fasteners viz. threaded rods in HDG/GI/SS in various sizes and grades, direct tension indicating washers and Load Indicating washers - squirter washers/ silicon coated from USA/UK. customised fasteners, culverts, Super Duplex chrome pipes and fittings and accessories etc , shear stud / Nelson with ceramic ferrule, HDG Threaded Rods, Gold colour coated floor drain on SS316 available. on order basis.

​Hinges in Stainless Steel / cabinet hinges in SS304 and any design hinges made and supplied as per design supplied by client. Stainless Steel Tower Bolt in various sizes in SS316 provided.

Dowel Bars in BS4449/Gr.460 / Dowel Bars in A615 Gr.40 Gr.60 / SS Dowel Bars/ Stainless Steel HInges and Tower Bolt. We are also involved in Xylar/Xylene coating in blue color for fasteners. Gold color coating for floor drain and other materials. Mill manufactured HDG Threded rods available. HDG fasteners.

​ Marine Steel : Bulb Flat in various sizes and grades available from Europe and China on forward delivery with 3.1 Certificate and ABS Approval. Regularly supplying all over Gulf / Africa. Bulb Flat Steel.SS Spools as per drawings supplied and other pipe fittings supplying. High Grade Silicon Metal / indium ingot in various grades for Aluminium cast alloys work available.

​ Strain clamps, Dead End Bolts, Wire rope Guy galvanized steel, Porcelain, Type C, With Fuseholder-8Kaic , Anchor, Bust, Expanding, Steel, Black Finish, Anchor Rod, W/ Nut, Double Eye, 3/4 In X 8 Ft, Rod Strain Insulator,Guy,Guyed Structures,PolylIne, Polymer Insulator, Assembly, High Voltage Overhead etc. and many other High Voltage Transmission line accessories supplied from USA, UK, China and 3GK Terminals, UK/Italy/France etc. Hubbell Power System, USA, Metal Deploye France, Elastimold, USA, Nexans France/Italy, Nexans Euromol, Burundy, USA, A.N. Wallis, U.K., Moser Glacer and much much more and also from France/Italy/Neetherlands etc.

​ Hydrawjaws, UK - Anchor Bolt Pullout Testers, Universal Safety Lifeline Cable Test Equipments - comprehensive combined tester kit and cable frame, Wire Rope tester, Wall Tie Tester, Hydraulic Test Equipment - Specialist Hydraulic Equipment for testing above 145kN, Safety Post and Foundation Test Equipment - for testing motorway crash barrier safety posts, Remote Tester, all From United Kingdom are available on forward delivery

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U.A.E : +971-50-3601860
​ E-MAIL : samagt9@gmail.com
​ moroccogt@gmail.com

INDIA : +91-9884427791
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Can send materials direct from India to Qatar/ we are dubai , UAE based


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